Laura standing inside of an arboretum, where she is smiling with her head slightly tilted

Hi—I'm Laura

I run Product & Design at Fleetsmith where our mission is to democratize IT and Security by making it transparent and automated.

I’ve shipped things at awesome places - Dropbox, Twitch, Tendigi - and I received my B.S. in Computer Science from NYU.

About Me

I'm a technical design lead and manager with experience designing and developing for web, React, macOS, and iOS.

Laura smiling while wearing a winter coast

I care about designing conscientious experiences that are delightfully accessible to everyone. My generative approach starts by identifying the problem that needs to be solved, and then analyzes optimizations and trade-offs of potential solutions before making an opinionated decision on the right solution.

Problems are solved in both the interface and in the technical infrastructure, which is why I work closely with the engineers on my team to achieve the best possible outcome.

I value transparency and emphasize taking balanced mental and physical care at work. Involving all functions in the design process is especially important, as the best solutions are discovered by cross-functional teams. I believe that experiences should be self-aware; design doesn't exist in a vacuum, it exists alongside all of the emotions, environments, and scenarios that exist in a person's life.

During my time at Dropbox, I wrote this checklist to remind myself of my good and bad habits:

A handwritten piece of paper with a list of habits to follow, like communicating frequently and solving the right problem.

In my spare time I'm exploring tropical places, decorating my home, or eating pancakes.

Laura smiling while eating French toast outside in Aruba

Check out some of my work from Dropbox, Twitch, and Tendigi.