Laura standing inside of an arboretum, where she is smiling with her head slightly tilted

Hi—I'm Laura

I run Design at Fleetsmith where our mission is to democratize IT and Security by making it transparent and automated.

I’ve shipped things at awesome places - Dropbox, Twitch, Tendigi - and I received my B.S. in Computer Science from NYU.


At Dropbox I primarily worked on a new desktop experience 🔒 where I owned the end-to-end user funnel, product positioning, drove key activation & retention metrics, and owned the web & Android apps. I also helped to run the new grad designer program.

I also designed onboarding for Dropbox Home to introduce useful new ways to retrieve files.

Modal overlaying the Dropbo Home interface. It says 'Welcome to your new Dropbox home!' and it has a button that says 'Show me around'.
A magnifying glass-like circle is hovered over a Paper doc in the Dropbox Home interface. There's a blue box explaining that because that Paper doc was recently viewed, you can get back to it quickly with the Recently Viewed section.

I also explored ways to incorporate our new brand into the product, ranging from iconography sets to an internal particles library in native Swift, which was quickly adopted in various onboarding screens and tooltips.

A document with usage guidelines for a Particles library created in native swift.
A set of artboards with a broad exploration of iconography treatments ranging from inverted color to texture.

I also launched multiple landing pages for various projects 🔒. One featured stars and constellations, built by dynamically generating objects on an HTML5 canvas and using a shortest path formula create the effect of constellations.